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Practical Skills for Successful Relationships

jordan & jenica sheveneJoin Jordan & Jenica Schevene


Practical Skills for Successful Relationships

Thursdays 6-8:30pm, April 24th – May 15th  

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. Sustaining a relationship as a source of pleasure, love and happiness does not work by magic and a relationship usually does not fall apart from a lack of commitment or love. Most often it’s simply a matter of not knowing enough about how relationships work, and not having the necessary tools to be successful.

pairs foundation

This 10 hour PAIRS workshop is a research-validated, highly experiential, education and skills training. It is not therapy. Most people devote hundreds of hours to their professional education, yet learning the tools for sustained love and success with their intimate partner is uncommon. Instead their behavior, feelings and expectations for their partner are based on their early experiences in their families. Jordan and Jenica empower participants with knowledge and skills to sustain relationships as a source of pleasure, love and joy.

You will learn skills to:

* Speak and listen so you both feel understood

* Find liberating solutions to tough problems

* Deepen connection, friendship and loving behaviors

* Avoid dirty fighting and hurtful exchanges

* Repair hurts and disappointments

* Enhance trust, communication, intimacy and bonding

* Reconnect with the best times

Jordan and Jenica Schevene are certified trainers of PAIRS Essentials and have been practicing PAIRS skills for over 12 years. As hard working parents and during the challenges of life they have depended on these tools to come back to a place of love, intimacy and trust. They are committed to the health and joy of this valley and see PAIRS as a way to heal, empower and create lasting relationships for individuals and families.

$200 per couple | $180 if registered by April 18th

+ $30 materials fee paid directly to Jordan & Jenica

Registration deadline April 22nd

*Minimum of 4 couples required

*Payment plans available upon request

To learn more call Jenica 303-875-7186 or visit or

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Body of Wisdom

body of wisdomJoin Rebecca Arnold, MA, LMT


Body of Wisdom

Saturday, April 26th 2-5pm


Each of our bodies holds a story. Our bodies are shaped by our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Thoughts, emotions and core-beliefs can manifest in the body as patterns of tension, pain, postural habits, and symptoms of un-wellness. Being present with these patterns without trying to “fix” them allows for new awareness and the possibility of transformation.

Rebecca invites you to take this opportunity to listen compassionately to the wisdom of your body.  In this workshop we will be exploring a pattern of body-mind through guided mindfulness & self-inquiry. There will be some gentle movement, drawing and writing.

“The mind is like the wind, and the body is like the sand; if you want to see how the wind is blowing, look at the sand.” ~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

rebecca arnold blue lotus Rebecca Arnold of Blue Lotus Body Therapy practices massage therapy, energy healing and Hakomi body psychotherapy in Paonia, CO. She has a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from Naropa University. Practicing and living a path of mind-body healing is her passion and spiritual practice.

To learn more visit

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Carolyn Yates

Saturday, May 3rd, 2-4pm


Through the practices of asana, chanting mantra, and deep reflection, we will find our seat in each chakra. Like a revolving doorway, the nature of the chakra is to revolve. We will explore how awareness of each chakra’s revolution can facilitate our evolution!

Carolyn Yates Jivamukti

What to expect:  A vigorous vinyasa yoga class set to music, chanting, sweating, and possibly a rainbow colored aura!

Contact Studio Bija today with questions or Register Online Now!

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Flow Yoga for Absolute Beginners with Carolyn Yates

Carolyn Yates JivamuktiMonday Nights

May 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th


$45 for all 4 sessions

Register Online Now

This series is tailored toward those who’ve either never done yoga or maybe haven’t practiced in a really long time. Over the four weeks we will work from the very basics and slowly build upon this foundation from week to week. We will learn to safely move from one pose to the next in a slow, flow fashion.

If you’ve been wanting to begin a yoga practice but have felt discouraged due to lack of experience then this series is for you!

This class is perfect for those who are:

  • Stiff
  • Weak
  • Overweight
  • Out of shape
  • Zero experience
  • Rehabilitating
  • Wanting to revisit the basics

Benefits may include:

  • Increased energy
  • Deeper lung capacity
  • Better balance
  • Decreased pain
  • Enhanced calm
  • Joy

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Workshops to Awaken Your Inner Guidance

ray wilson reiki meditation

Join Intuitive Guide and Reiki Master Ray Wilson for these Upcoming Workshops to Awaken Your Inner Guidance!


Tarot Workshop
May 17th 12pm to 3pm
$60 in advance | $80 day of

More details coming soon…

Bring your own Tarot Deck OR Purchase a RiderẀaite Deck for $25 (must order Tarot Deck in advance and make separate payment to Ray Wilson).

Learn how to read any Tarot deck without a handbook. In this workshop you’ll learn how to listen to your intuition to receive small and big answers. Learn how to ask the right questions with 4 new unique Tarot spreads. This can assist in your own decision-making process of life, as well as assist in guiding others should you choose to do so.

Mediumship Workshop

June 13th 2pm to 5pm

$60 in advance | $80 day of

More details coming soon…

Reiki Mastership Certification

June 20th-22nd

$450 in advance | $500 day of

 More details coming soon…


Contact Studio Bija to register! To find out more about Ray, click here or go to

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Divine Cosmos Meditation

john recordsJoin spiritual teacher and nationally recognized non-profit leader, John Records, for further awakening using Divine Cosmos meditative practices!

Tuesdays at 5:30pm

This Meditation is Offered on a Gift Basis

In this meditation we will explore the felt sense of peace, joy and love; use these profound energies to heal ourselves and others; and through these energies enter into the spaciousness of liberation.

Emphasis varies with the needs of the participants and often involves somatic elements such as sensing and gestures. Aspects of this practice include:

Satsang and sharing, Transmission through sound (speech), sight (looking into each other’s eyes) and touch (shaktipat), Connection, (partner practice), Entelechy Activation (“entelechy” is the vital force that supports and guides self-actualization and fulfillment), Integrative Kinesthetic Alchemy (simple movements help to embody and merge with primal energies and archetypes), Remember Who You Are (adopting the perspective of That and integrating life experiences), Divine Cosmos Meditation (use of the physical body as the portal to feeling the Cosmos as one’s body), Universal Healing Meditation (our wounds and challenges enable us to connect with and bless all other beings with similar circumstances, which heals them and us), Nothing Comes Next (entry into timeless emptiness).

Instructor John Records is authorized to teach in three spiritual traditions. He has taught Subtle Energy Practices at the John F. Kennedy University graduate school, Meditation for the Chronically Ill at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Nursing, and has nurtured the spiritual development of women and men ranging from beginners to seasoned practitioners. John divides his time between Paonia and the San Francisco area, and travels nationally to give workshops and trainings.

For more information visit

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Gift Circles are back at Studio Bija!

Each circle will be facilitated by a volunteer community member and will meet at Studio Bija.  These gift circles are open to everyone on a first come, first served basis, and will be limited to 20 attendees per circle.  The circle is offered as a gift to you and payment is not required, though we welcome any gifts that you are inspired to share.

Please join us on these upcoming dates at Studio Bija!

Tuesdays during April from 12pm to 1pm

You may also view the schedule of gift circles on the Studio Bija Class Schedule here:  Schedule

For a thorough description of Gift Circles, why we need them, and how we will use them, please see the article: “A Circle of Gifts” by Charles Eisenstein

For more information on Gift Economics, please see a recent article “Shift into Gift” by Chris Yates: 

Also, listen to a recent interview with Chris on KVNF community radio here:


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Restorative Yoga with Vibrational Sound Healing

Samara TaylorJoin Samara Taylor

with music by Aaron Jerad

Wednesdays 7-8:15pm

beginning March 5th

Restorative Yoga is an easy, meditative practice, great for relieving
stress, releasing dis-ease, and reclaiming wellness. We use bolsters and blankets to support the body in a few long-held, gentle poses that relax the body and quiet the mind. During the practice, Aaron Jerad offers live vibrational sound healing with didgeridoo and/or native flute – instruments that have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years to induce states of deep meditation and healing.

Learn more about Samara here.

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Join Studio Bija’s Carolyn Yates at Wanderlust in Aspen-Snowmass!

Wanderlust Aspen Snowmass 2014 Carolyn Yates

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