Tantra Date Night

Studio Bija is pleased to present…

Tantra Date Night: Deeper Connection through Sacred Sex, an introductory Tantra workshop for couples

Conducted by Tantra Educator, Leah Kenyon

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, 7pm-9pm

$60/couple suggested donation

Complimentary Wine, Chocolates, and Roses included

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Tantra Date Night is an interactive class looking both ancient and modern Tantric secrets for deepening intimacy and expanding spirituality via sexual energy. The class begins with an overview of the theory and exercises, and takes couples through a full sacred temple ritual. All exercises are clothing-on, and no sexual touch takes place in class. Each couple will create their own sacred space during the evening and can follow along as Leah demonstrates the exercises with her partner.

Couples are strongly encouraged to preregister for this event, as space is limited.

Leah is owner of Living in Tantra, a donation-based business offering Tantric tools for deepening intimacy and rising in love, whether in relationship or single. Leah teaches a Tantric kriya yoga class for singles, a deeper Tantra-based class for committed couples, and provides private consults. For the past three years Leah has been a student of the divine nature of human sexuality. She began with the teachings of modern pioneers of western (sex-based) Tantra, including John Maxwell Taylor, Mare Simone, Charles Muir, Leah Alchin, and Dawn Beck. Her recent studies are the eastern (spiritually-based) Tantra teachings of Maahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita, Deva Primal & Miten, and Peruquois.

Unbelievable! It opened up something amazing for my wife”. -BW

“[Tantra Date Night] was awesome. Leah is an amazing teacher. It was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next one.” -JR

“A great, inspiring evening for us. I’d say it was perfect.” -MG

“The Tantric Date Night was wonderful. It was a very welcoming and relaxed environment which I think makes the flow of energy more easily accessible for people who are not as comfortable in that sort of setting at first.” –KR

“You are quite extraordinary, Leah. I meditate often and have recently been working to clear my chakras. Then you come along and make it so easy and effective.” – MB